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Artist Statement

Dakota McKenzie - Dakota McKenzie ArtI aim to paint profound, universal experiences of living that haunt us yet are awkward and imperfect to tell. When we attempt to share them in words, it is best not to do so not directly, but in illustrative story that becomes an experience of itself. Likewise, in my painting I invite the viewer into a story that becomes their own based on their encounters with the landscape and landmarks described by my journey in the creation.

Each painting is an invitation to journey into an illusive but universal aspect of being.

As I paint I ride the border between the everyday world, the inner world and my spiritual experiences with the otherworld that occur in the process. I offer these mysteries through the filter of abstract expressionism and my own, liminal, often intense journey of creation.

In a sense each painting is the marks left when the body of my experience hits the canvas.

The mystery has many faces, many barely discernable landscapes and many visual voices. Our experience of it may be driven by emotional curiosity. I know it is deepened by pondering. Each painting has many stories to tell and I invite you to find your own.